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About the Pataphysical Institute


What is pataphysics?


The absurdity of the word ‘Pataphysics’


The imaginary solution


The ‘particular’ as dynamic instructions transmuter


The YANTRA as supplementary universe


How Eve invented dualism


Pataphysics simplified


The ‘imaginary solution’ as idea


Pataphysics: The Science of Imagination


Alfred Jarry’s pataphysics












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Welcome to the


All Ireland Pataphysical Institute

of Spiritual Resuscitation



Exploring the inner game of


Pataphysics: ‘The science of invention’



Alfred Jarry (1873 - 1907):

“Pataphysics is the science of imaginary solutions

that create universes supplementary to this one.”



Turi Pataphyx (1940 -  ?)

                  “Pataphysics is the art of self-reinvention.”





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